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Viage is dedicated to enhance the lives of professionals while at the same time increasing the innovation and results for their employers.  We do this by providing balanced development solutions that meet the needs of the company and the wants of employees.

The term viage is used in many languages and refers to a journey or voyage.  Whether a journey is physical or otherwise, it conjures up a myriad of  thoughts and emotions ranging from excitement to fear.  In professional terms, this can refer to strategic direction, organizational change, new projects , promotions/new role/assignment,  and generating new skills for the future.  Viage partners with companies and individuals to bridge gaps in order to create more productive thoughts, actions and results.  We solve problems by identifying root cause and helping the hidden opportunities emerge.   As this happens, the environment becomes less  frantic and more purposeful, innovative, and enjoyable.

Whether we are servicing individuals, groups, teams or entire organizations, we work together to identify the needs and wants of our clients.  We currently offer assessments, coaching, comprehensive development programs (such as Raising Enthusiasm to increase motivation and Discovering Potential to maximize employee development), and facilitation.  Although these can be helpful to a wide range of professionals, our sweet spot is mid-level professionals (Middle Management, Functional Managers, Project Managers, Department Managers, Group Leads, Team Leads and Team Members).

Contact us here to discuss current or upcoming challenges and opportunities for your company, department, team, group, employee(s) or yourself.  We look forward to the possibility of helping create a purposeful shift in order to gain desired results.

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