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Increase confidence, focus and success.

The constant battle of working longer and harder and reacting to situations in an effort to get ahead is exhausting. In many cases, it is an endless loop where the results for extra hours of input are diminished when compared to the perceived/actual effort. Individuals, departments and teams are inundated with emails, meetings and unexpected urgent tasks which make it difficult to be as productive as desired/required. Stress is high and the notion of intrinsic motivation at work can be fleeting.

Viage can help. We specialize in working with professionals in individual, group and team settings to improve the Energetic Quad E™ -Efficiency, Effectiveness, Engagement, Enjoyment.

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Efficiency means getting more done in less time.  At Viage, this is referred to as reducing the churn and burn of managing by reaction.   Our clients have the intelligence to understand that not everything can be a priority, yet when things are busy and stressful it can be difficult to act otherwise.  Viage helps clients discover alternate approaches to assess and re-direct efforts in order to gain more impactful forward moving results.  


When the right things are not being worked on, efficiency can be futile.  Effectiveness is all about producing desired results. We increase confidence that efforts are being placed on the pieces that make the biggest difference. We do this by working with clients to carve out small amounts of time for important foundation building (i.e. vision/goals, improved dynamics, talent management, utilization of individual differences, measuring success).


People nodding their heads is not engagement.  Engagement includes people contributing with thoughtful input, open body language, questions and enthusiasm.  The more engaged a person is, the more productive, creative and satisfied they are.  This leads to better ideas, swifter implementation and bolder results.  Viage peels back the layers and improves engagement beyond the surface.


Enhancing enjoyment is the passion behind Viage (it can also be thought of as reducing the pain).  We believe people are meant to feel whole and experience more satisfaction in all aspects of their life.  Although considerations of enjoyment (and pain) vary from person to person, common influences include environment, growth opportunities, sense of direction, support, involvement, appreciation, success, camaraderie, fun…and yes, even challenges.  Viage reminds companies that they are comprised of individuals with a full suite of life activities, and we lead employees to reduce their stress, find time to spend on important things and increase energy for their professional and personal aspirations.  We help achieve a healthy balance or at least a healthier way to approach the imbalances that are sometimes chosen and other times unavoidable (at least in the short-term).  although this piece may seem like a luxury, it is an important aspect toward sustainable personal, group, team and organizational success.

When the Energetic Quad E™ is in place, the environment becomes less frantic and wasteful, and more purposeful, innovative and productive.

Contact us here to discuss current or upcoming challenges and opportunities for your company, department, team, group, employee(s) or yourself.  We look forward to the possibility of helping create a purposeful shift in order to gain desired results.