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How Dare They…

October 9, 2013

Cheetah Serval

If you’ve ever felt like someone has unjustly done you wrong, you are certainly in the company of many people who can relate.  Let’s face it, sometimes commiserating is necessary to process what happened, vent our frustrations and validate our feelings.   That is a completely normal course of action that can actually help us move through the undesired event more quickly to find the next opportunity.

Unfortunately, many people get stuck in the cycle of blame and victim mentality which equates to  holding themselves prisoner in a world of crud…which begets more crud.  For example…

  • Jim didn’t get the promotion he wanted.  He feels so jilted that he’s not taken the opportunity to gather information that will help him the next time around.
  • Cecil’s Employer released him without notice.  He’s so bitter that he’s not interviewing well.   As a result, his unemployment duration and anger grows.
  • Gina’s parents didn’t set her up for success in the way she wished.  Resentment lingers well into adulthood.  By now, Gina could have taken multiple actions to create her own success, instead she sulks refusing to take ownership of her future.
  • Beth’s relationship failed.  She refuses to take one iota of responsibility which means instead of learning from the experience she alternates between being alone (and miserable) and being with someone new (and miserable).

Fortunately in these type of situations, there are no physical bars limiting our options.  This means that we have the ability to release and replace the negative, unproductive thoughts and actions for more productive ones.

Forward Moving Tips:

1.  Recognize when you are hurting and take the time to process what happened.

2.  Determine that you want to find a way through the frustration to a better place.

3.  Get some unbiased support to help you navigate your way to a promotion, new job, self-driven success and healthier relationships more quickly than you might accomplish on your own.

What unfavorable events are you holding onto that are preventing you from moving forward?

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