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Elevated Solutions

July 11, 2013

By Jeanine Izzo

Problems keep arising, solutions are difficult to come by, work is piling up.  Alternately, things are moving along quite well and you’re ready for the next step in your career, yet you’re struggling with what you want that to look like, let alone how to make it happen.   Regardless of the answers you seek, getting away from your daily environment, even when it feels like you can’t afford the time, can really help shake ideas loose.

Recently, while working in New York, I took some time out to explore an elevated park, called the High Line.  Picture an old elevated freight rail line, out of commission for nearly 30 years, turning into an amazing green space that hosts a walking path among the city without the need to wait for traffic lights and watch out for yellow-gold automobiles zipping by dangerously close to the curb.   Bulldozers, cranes and modern buildings alongside the park are sure signs of an ongoing revival in this part of the city.  The High Line truly is an elevated solution.

  HL OverviewHL Modern HL Bench

Aside from reflecting on the innovative thinking which generated the transformation of a deserted steel mass into a city oasis, this time away allowed me to soak in nature and the city in a truly unique way.  As I appreciated the mix of metal and greenery, and rested in one of the numerous perfectly placed seating areas,  my mind relaxed.  Just as I let go of the need to force my thoughts, ideas began flowing and I found myself stretching toward a new level of possibilities.  That afternoon, given the extra inspiration, it was easier to focus on my work.

Even now, as I’m back in my office in Chicagoland, when I get stuck with how to solve a problem, the image of the High Line urges me onward.  When I feel limited with future possibilities, the vision of the elevated park, helps widen my view.

True, it may be difficult to feel stepping away from your desk is justified when there is so much work to be done.  Yet, if you’re just spinning your wheels in the office, what have you got to lose?

Forward moving tips:

  • During your work day, take A walk around the block or have lunch in a park.  Turn your phone off and absorb the details of your surroundings.
  • When traveling on business, make it a point to experience something new, even if it is just getting out of your hotel for breakfast or dinner.  Every little bit helps.
  • While vacationing, let your imagination expand.  Recording the thoughts you have and the images you see, both externally and internally, can further their impact.

What do you do to help generate solutions? (comment below)

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