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Resisting Success

February 23, 2015

By Jeanine Izzo

Success Gap





What have you resisted?  Perhaps a comment someone made that rang so true that you revolted, a new direction that you didn’t understand or know how to implement so you avoided it altogether, an area of improvement that seemed too daunting to tackle at the time so you deferred your development.
A thousand times over, you think or act like it’s easier to keep yourself busier in order to disguise the culprit(s) and minimize the impact of that which glares in the light or lurks in the dark.  It’s not easier.  Well, maybe it seems easier in those moments when you’re dealing with a deadline or you have a superior breathing down your neck or your children aren’t feeling well.  In these moments, you’re probably making the best decisions.  What happens when the deadlines pass, the heat cools and your children recover?  Are you one to artificially occupy yourself with phantom priorities of urgency in order to avoid dealing with elements that may be limiting your success?
Honestly, I don’t know anyone who hasn’t taken this approach, accidentally or on purpose.  Sometimes the detriment hasn’t reached critical mass.  Other times, we’re just not ready.  Most times, we’ve just gotten used to living in this manner…wishing resistance away…hoping for a miraculous turn of events.  Waiting it out a little longer is certainly possible, however chances are it’s going to show up time and again…perhaps strengthening its’ hold on you and certainly stunting your growth.
The Success Gap (pictured above) is the difference between where you are and where you want to be.  There are internal and external factors that contribute to your gap.  These factors, also called blocks or barriers, combined with a lack of dedicated action to move through them are at the core of what holds you back from reaching your most desired goals.  Understanding and beginning to lift your blocks position you for greater success.
 Outer Blocks1 are barriers that exist outside of your thoughts, feelings and perceptions.
These are the most common reasons (or excuses) used to defer progress.
  • Shortage of time
  • Not enough money to take classes
  • Lack of support from your boss/peer/spouse, etc.
  • Missing skills, training, experience
  • Resistance from others
Inner Blocks1 are the type of blocks that reside within our thoughts, feelings and perceptions.  These are often disguised as an outer block which prolongs their impact on progress.
  • Inner Critic is a highly personal block with the most emotional charge that comes down to a lack of belief in ones self.  (i.e. I don’t deserve to be promoted)
  • Assumptions stem from previous experiences which you assume are going to repeat themselves.  (i.e.  I asked to lead a team last year and it didn’t happen, so I’m not going to ask again.)
  • Interpretations represent one possible viewpoint based on your observation, yet you take it on as fact.  (i.e.  They stopped talking when I walked by.  They must have been talking about me.)
  • Limiting Beliefs are ideas that you take on internally due to external information.  These can prevent you from even attempting to accomplish goals. (i.e. People my age never get promoted.)
Forward Moving Tips:
  1. List out where you are vs. where you want to be
  2. Determine what blocks are getting in your way
  3. Honestly decide if you can knock them down on your own or if you need to reach out for help
  4. Create a plan and take action…reflecting and adjusting along the way
 Regardless of the blocks in your path, there are ways to move through them to get from where you are to where you want to be.  The encouraging element is that you don’t have to make a public admission of your resistance points.  You can work these out on your own or with a trusted partner.
For assistance with moving forward with more focus, confidence and success along your journey,  Contact Viage Partners today.
1 Viage Partners (Jeanine Izzo) used outer and inner blocks terminology and aspects of the related descriptions with permission as an IPEC graduate.  IPEC stands for the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching.

© Viage Partners 2015. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Viage Partners with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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