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Starting Something New

April 17, 2012

With the introduction of Viage Partners this month, it seemed appropriate for our first article be about starting something new.

Starting something new or picking up something abandoned years ago can be filled with both trepidation and excitement.  It’s strange how much the trepidation can hold us back.  How many reasons we can find NOT to do what we really WANT to do.  It’s easier to blame someone or something else, however in nearly every single case, it is us that gets in our own way.  Certainly, we must get something out of complaining about it and never taking action to change it.  Yet, we get a lot more out of actually doing what we want to do than going through all the trouble to whine about not doing it!

Even as we begin to take action, doubts, fears and stress can prevail.  The difference between those that push through these and those that turn back is clarity of vision and a productive support system. Clarity of vision is thinking, writing or drawing in a detailed way about how it will feel to be the owner of a successful business, mastering a new skill or picking up that personal interest that brings us enjoyment.  During the moments, days or weeks when thoughts deceive us into thinking we can’t do it, it is the detailed vision that beckons us forward.  What is the driving factor?  What makes it so satisfying and/or enjoyable?  And, how will it feel when we’ve pushed through the internal and external negativity to achieve it.  Some might say victorious.  Others elated.  Still others…like they can do anything they set their mind to.

Regarding a productive support system, this entails a person(s) who helps find reasons and ways to accomplish our desires, rather than reasons not to.  When others tell us it’s too hard, a waste of time, or (insert negativity here), it usually has more to do with them than with us.  Joining a class, picking up a relevant book and working with a certified professional development coach are ways we can proceed toward success.

Starting something new can be scary, yet the excitement of actually doing it presents itself rather quickly.

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