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Partnering with Viage can…

  • Create conscious, proactive thoughts and activities, reduce reactions and increase flexibility in projects, process, initiatives
  • Enhance perceptions, attitudes, thoughts and opportunities for development at the individual level
  • Breakdown barriers to help alleviate departmental stress/tension
  • Build individual ownership/self-leadership
  • Increase employee motivation, engagement and productivity
  • Diminish feelings of defeat and victim based actions/inaction
  • Awaken abilities to problem solve and display creativity
  • Improve productivity and generate results

Viage Partners brings developmental elements typically reserved for the executive level to the important mid-level in a value added way.  We do this by delivering programs that have integrated multiple components such as assessments, training and coaching.  This allows us to offer some aspects to be delivered in a group/team format while still having some impactful individual attention provided to each participant in the program.  All of our offerings strive to enhance engagement and deepen learning and performance.

We have a keen sense of the gaps that exist within organizations and design programs that blend the needs of the company with the desires of the employees.  We work with the company sponsor in advance to create clear expectations of participants and assist with communication of overall company goals, as necessary.  While the workshop elements are designed for enhanced learning and cost effectiveness, the individual coaching elements provide an extended presence and ability to prompt/support individual movement.

Whether our services are used for individuals, groups or teams, the emphasis stays on each individual.  This helps them stay focused on what they can do for themselves and others, rather than waiting for others to do for them.

Particularly, we like to use images, stories and ideas from outside of the office environment to help instill concepts.  We find even short breaks taking clients minds off of work helps to increase the engagement and creativity in the sessions and beyond.  Of course, we always tie these elements back to professional endeavors.  Our style is interactive which allows adult learners to share what they already know, think or do and build on it through discussion and activities.

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