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Overwhelming Success

June 6, 2016

by Jeanine Izzo

Pretty much everyone has more tasks to complete than they have time, yet some people manage to exude success while others exude stress.  Those that exude success have an air of calm and confidence about them.  They are approachable and supportive which causes people to want to work with them.  On the other hand, those that exude stress have a dark cloud hanging over their head.  Their mannerisms, words and overall displeasure are evident even when they think they are masking them well enough.  Like minded people tend to commiserate with them while others do what they can to avoid interactions.

If success is defined as whatever is important to you or the business…fulfillment, achievement, results, recognition, promotion, responsibility, relationships, finances, growth, productivity, etc., where would you rate yourself on the scale  below?  1 equals most overwhelmed and 10 equals most successful.


Are you overwhelmingly successful…or overwhelming your success?

If you are overwhelmingly successful, it means that you hit the majority of your targets, learn from your misses, proactively strive for the next tier of improvement and help others succeed.

If you are overwhelming your success, you unintentionally get in your own way by attempting to do the right thing with the wrong approach.  You operate in reactionary mode, don’t seek help from the appropriate places, can’t see clearly enough to support others in beneficial ways and have been waiting for someone else to fix your situation.

If you are overwhelming your success, the situation…

  • Is not going to get better on it’s own
  • Is not going to get better by doing more of the same
  • Is not going to get better by wishing you had more time

Proactively, make the decision to improve your approach.  This will require that you put your attention on creating the time and focus necessary to make the situation better.  This can be difficult to do when you are in the thick of an essential initiative that can’t be late (and perhaps is already late) as the perceived and real pressure can be high.  Consider the probability that when you walk around with that cloud over your head it is evident to others.  As a result, you might look out of control and diminish the confidence others have in your capabilities.

Forward Moving Tips:

For those who are satisfied with their current situation…

  1. The landscape is evolving quickly, keep your eye on trends
  2. Continue to enhance existing skills and develop new ones
  3. Look for novel ways that you can add value
  4. Help someone that is overwhelmed find a new way forward

For those who are stressed with their current situation…

  1. Recognize that what you are doing is not working
  2. Carve time out to come up with potential solutions
  3. Reach out for support to vet the solutions and determine next steps
  4. Take action

Everyone has gone, or will go, through rough spots where they feel overwhelmed.  This tends to happen when we stretch ourselves (or are stretched by others) to take on new tasks.  There is immense learning and growing that can happen through these experiences.   By taking initiative to get (or stay) ahead of the curve, you are showing leadership abilities that will pay dividends.

For assistance with moving forward with more focus, confidence and success along your journey,  Contact Viage Partners today.

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