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Striking Balance

February 21, 2017

by Jeanine Izzo


The one-legged rowers on Inle Lake in Myanmar (Burma) had to work to develop their poetic balance.  As young-ins, they spend quite a bit of time falling in the water as they build up their strength and finesse.  As adults, their rowing paddle is an extension of their body.  Even after witnessing their balancing ability up close, it seems like trickery (it’s not).  They wrap one of their legs around the paddle while the other supports them on the back end of a long, thin fishing boat.  In this position, their body works in a complimentary way to tend to the duties of fishing…never looking symmetrical (or equal)…yet definitely balanced.  In our lives, the idea of balance is much less tangible (and illusive) than acquiring other skills.  Yet, obtaining balance, on terms that work for us, is a skill that can be improved with thoughtful effort.

Click here to learn more about different types of imbalances along with related tips.

It’s usually easy to determine when we are out of balance.  However, it’s usually only looked at in two large categories, professional (work) and personal (life).  When we are out of balance and we look at these two large categories, it can be less than helpful.  Feeling out of balance and not knowing what to do about it is frustrating.  Just like a long-range goal or a big project, it’s helpful to break it down into smaller segments of time, packets of work, etc.  See the box below to complete a self-evaluation.


Forward Moving Tips:

  1. Complete the evaluation above.
  2. Pick one or two areas to set goals and take action toward increasing your balance.
  3. Let go of the other areas, for now.
  4. With focused effort in one or two areas, chances are you will begin to notice improvements in other areas as well.

Don’t let chosen, unproductive or lingering imbalances drag you down and wear you out.  Build up your skills for creating a formula that works better for you and those around you.

For assistance with setting goals, breaking down your actions and gaining accountability to have more of what you want, Contact Viage Partners today.

Together, you will move forward…faster!

Note:  Viage Partners conducts a workshop called Striking Balance:  Illusion or Reality

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