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“The best part of my coaching experience was self-realizing the importance of setting goals.  I learned to set goals and focus on the execution.  One thing that amazed me was my coach, Jeanine, remembered completely each bit and piece of our last conversation and was checking with me on how I’m progressing on those areas.  She is so attentive and interested in seeing me progressing well.”  – Mariya K. (Corporate Workshop and 1:1 Coaching)

“I liked the material and holistic approach to changing your perception in the workplace.” – Jen F. (Corporate Workshop)

“I enjoyed realizing different perspective regarding different challenges.”  – Azsia T.  (Corporate Workshop)

“The information provided to everyone was very necessary and helpful.”  – Anonymous (Corporate Workshop Participant)

“Was not a snore-fest.  Engaging to listen to and be a part of.”  – Erik F. (Corporate Workshop and 1:1 Coaching)

“I’ve had the pleasure to know Jeanine Izzo over 10 years on a professional and personal level.   Of the people that I’ve met in my life, she is one that has consistently evoked a positive yet nurturing and encouraging environment to those that she encounters.  It speaks a lot to who she is and her innate ability to hone in on internal traits of others and challenge them to use the best of who they are to get to place they want to be.  Whether it’s in a personal or professional area, there’s no doubt that after an encounter with Jeanine you will have developed a more keen internal level of confidence and certainty about who you are and where you are.   She is fearless in her own skin and that trait is most endearing and calls her to share her gift with others.”  – Pat S.  (1:1 and group coaching)

“I really appreciated the opportunity to learn effective ways of managing stress and distractions in such an open, non-judgmental environment.”  – Anonymous (Corporate Workshop Participant)

“It gave me the tools to find the focus to improve my productivity & pro-activity.” – Anonymous (Corporate Workshop Participant)

“The steps broken down into positive and manageable goals really helps.”  – Anonymous (Corporate Workshop Participant)

“Overall, was a GREAT experience! Wealth of knowledge.”   – Anonymous (Corporate Workshop Participant)

“It pointed out ways for me to improve my professional development as well as how I interact with my colleagues.”  – Anonymous (Corporate Workshop Participant)

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