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Stretch for Success

April 17, 2013

There are times in our lives when we desire something to be different.  This desire could range from a slight enhancement in an already fulfilling area, to a desperate need to dig ourselves out of a hole.  Wherever we reside on the spectrum, we are going to have to stretch ourselves in order to improve the outcome.

Just like in exercising, the length we can stretch at first varies depending on our body composition and conditioning.  If we don’t push the limits enough to feel the equivalent of the slight pull in our muscles when we reach toward our toes, we will stay status quo.  On the other hand, if we push ourselves too far, too fast, we can feel intense pain and exhaustion from over exertion.  The extremes of too little and too much can be equally demotivating because they both can cause us to give up before we have given ourselves a chance to realize progress.

Our best bet is to begin with a light stretch of action toward our goals.  The common thought, “I don’t have enough time,” can really get in the way.  Let’s get over that self-defeating thinking!  Starting with brief periods of time (even five minutes) can begin to lift the clouds.  In short order, these slight actions will turn can’t into can, dread into desire, defeat into victory.

Ironically, once we begin dedicating small bits of productive time toward reaching our goals, somehow we find more time.  This is when it becomes crucial to hold the stretch in order to create sustainable results.

Occasionally, it’s important to release the stretch to allow time for celebrating, incubation, recovery and most important…to reap the rewards of our efforts.  Congratulations are in order when we reach this stage!


  1. STRETCH yourself toward your desired direction.  Remember, each of us has a unique tolerance for discomfort.  Do not judge your effort and progress by what you think you see in others.
  2. HOLD your position until you can reach a little further toward sustainable improvement and results.  Protect this time from less important tasks.  Understand that some strain is normal as you increase your abilities and experience new territory.
  3. RELEASE the stretch periodically to enjoy the fruits of your labor.   Acknowledging  how far you have come generates the energy to stretch toward your next endeavor.
  4. REPEAT.  Notice how much further you can stretch from the start of each new goal by utilizing the momentum from previous accomplishments.

Please, tell us how you are currently stretching yourself by commenting below.

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  1. Dana Bramer permalink
    April 18, 2013 4:46 pm

    Did you write this for me?? It is exactly what I need validation for!

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