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Too Busy Blues

May 23, 2014

Katmandu Chaos


I don’t have time to lead…let alone breathe

It’s his fault, it’s her fault…it’s anyone’s but my fault

Look at what they have done to me


I don’t have time to set clear expectations

Yet, I wonder why no one meets them

Accountability eludes me


I don’t have time to discuss priorities

Or talk about how something can be done better

Can’t you see I’m busy spinning my wheels


I don’t have time to support and develop my team

All my time is spent fixing problems

If only they would…  If only they would…


I don’t have time to be proactive

After all, I’m doing things two and three times

If it was up to me…


I don’t have time to spend with my family and friends

They’ve grown distant, but it’s just temporary



I don’t have time

I don’t have time

I don’t have time

Forward Moving Tips:

1. Breathe.  You are not the only one experiencing the ‘too busy’ blues.  Most likely, you don’t even remember how you got to this point.  Take long, deep breaths.  Bring the air in…and let it go.  Soak the past in…and let it go.

2.  Get Away.  Find a way to create space for yourself.  Whether it’s a day or a week, carve time out to spend time with people, places and activities that you enjoy that are not work related.  Separate from the stress and sleep well.

3.  Evaluate.  As you are preparing to go back into the office, put thought into what you want to be different and take ownership of mending broken elements.  Believe that you can make a difference…because you can.

4.  Proceed.  Make the time to be a conscious leader instead of operating in default mode.  Take action to improve the situation for yourself and others.

What will you do with your extra discretionary time? (comment below)

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