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Permission Granted

November 30, 2015

by Jeanine Izzo

Bridge in Chile

While working with intelligent people, both as a corporate employee and as a leadership coach…I have witnessed the benefits that result from giving people the go ahead to contribute more to the goal(s).  In my experience, higher job satisfaction and better performance can be linked with granting individuals permission to take initiative.  Certainly, we don’t think that as adults we need permission to be effective, however this is one area where the behaviors don’t match up with commonly held beliefs.  On a regular basis, I come across working mothers raising children, husbands bearing the weight of keeping households afloat, MBA students with immense knowledge on best practices, managers with high levels of trust placed on them and young people with fresh, energetic ideas.  Despite their varied knowledge, experience and motivation, many of them struggle with the same waiting game.  Waiting for someone to tell them it’s okay to show their strengths…to share their gifts…to seek out and bring forth solutions…to generate opportunities for themselves and others.

In fact, it’s more than okay…

  • To show your strengths
  • To share your gifts
  • To seek out and bring forth solutions
  • To generate opportunities

…it’s essential for your growth and the growth of the companies that pay you for these behaviors.

Hence, even though you can do this for yourself, I hereby grant you permission to make a bigger impact.  To let your unique perspective be heard.  To feel better about your contributions.  To be an engaged part of the solution.  To encompass the phrase leading by example.

You might be holding yourself back (and/or someone else might be holding you back).  You might even make what you (or they) perceive as a misstep along the way (been there, done that).  This is part of the growth we all go through to find our way.  It’s not necessarily easy, yet it’s better than allowing your ideas, your drive and your spirit to wilt from lack of attention.

Forward Moving Tips:

Answer the following questions…

  1. What impact could you make if you were able to bring your ideas to light?
  2. What are the drawbacks, if any, to doing this?
  3. How will you know you have taken your ideas far enough?  Or, too far?
  4. What will you do to learn and adjust from your experience?
  5. How will you handle the power-hungry, the naysayers, the idea crushers, the defeated?
  6. How will you feel when you have gained enhanced success as a result of your actions?

As you move forward, remember that you are the one person with your particular view-point.  Accept that not everyone sees what you see (regardless of their position).  Instead of making assumptions and waiting for others to take action…take solution focused initiative yourself (i.e. Ask questions, submit a proposal, schedule a meeting to draw out possibilities, draft an improved process, provide feedback, etc.)

One of my gifts is to help you utilize your gifts.  It is in this capacity that, again, I grant you permission to take action to be your most brilliant self.  Go! 

For assistance with moving forward with more focus, confidence and success along your journey, Contact Viage Partners today.

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