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Viage Partners works with companies and individuals to bridge inherent gaps in order to create more productive thoughts, actions and results.  We solve problems by identifying root cause and helping the hidden opportunities emerge.  As this happens, the environment becomes less frantic and more purposeful, innovative and enjoyable.

Whether we are servicing individuals, groups, teams or entire organizations, we work together to identify the needs and wants of our clients.

Speaking – Bring in Viage Partners CEO, Jeanine Izzo, for your next company meeting, lunch ‘n learn or conference when you want to inspire your workforce/attendees to take more ownership and action.  Choose from one of the popular topics below.  Additional topics available.

  • Approaching Change:  It Could be Easier
  • Masked Messages:  Communication by Default
  • The Tortoise and the Hare:  How to Finish Projects Faster
  • Fire Prevention 101:  Four Traps that Keep you Fighting Fires
  • Dynamic Duo: Integrating Hard and Soft Skills
  • The Good Fight:  Let’s Call it Productive Tension

Click here for more detail.

Coaching Services – Leads clients in the direction they want (or need) to grow to maintain a current position, excel in a current position, prepare or thrive in a new position, develop others, reduce stress, find time in their day, increase productivity/results for themselves and/or their department/team and/or the business overall.  Increase energy and enhance life enjoyment.

  • Individual – allows more personalized support
  • Group – combines coach and peer support in a powerful way
  • Team – builds more open dialogue through shared experience

Assessments – To gain further/deeper understanding faster, decreases overall investment, increases progress and improves sustainability.

  • Needs Assessment – identifies development requirements necessary to meet strategic goals
  • Attitudinal Assessment – pinpoints attitudes, thoughts and behaviors that are getting in the way of enriched success

Development Workshops – Targeted at businesses as an economical and dynamic way to develop mid-level employees and increase retention and productivity.  A range of topics are available, including…

  • Approaching Change
  • Minimizing Distractions
  • Striking Balance
  • Goal Setting for Results
  • Right Sized Planning

(Turn workshops into programs by adding individual coaching and/or assessments)  

Programs – Programs are comprised of multiple elements.  All programs focus on the professional development of individuals, groups or teams that come together in a group format to advance self and others.

  • Raising Enthusiasm (attitudinal assessment, workshop, 1:1 coaching):  Participants explore long-standing attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that have been holding them back from their potential.  Then, work to evolve them so they work in a more positively charged, energetic way.
  • Discovering Potential (workshop and 1:1 coaching resulting in a professional development plan):  Participants explore values, vision, strengths and opportunities, and create a Professional Development Plan that embraces these.  Uncover limiting beliefs and increase motivation by assisting each participant in realizing their potential.

(Additional programs available based on client requirements.  All programs can be customized to meet specific needs.)

Facilitation – A variety of options for busy organizations to gain assistance with setting agendas for important meetings and utilizing a neutral facilitator.

  • Meeting Preparation – based on organizational needs, Viage assists with setting agendas and provides neutral facilitation for important meetings
  • Problem Solving/Process Improvements – hands on sessions for groups and teams customized to reducing the existing pain.  Common themes include Bridging Gaps, Planning, Risk Identification
  • Group Development – Consists of regular meetings with a group of professionals.  Work through exercises and thought-provoking topics/writing to encourage members to stretch beyond their comfort zone

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