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Yes…That’s the Way!

November 13, 2013

Bravo, well done, congratulations, excellent work!


Yes, these sentiments are for you because there is one or more tasks that you have or will complete today that are worthy of commending.  Maybe it was as grand as completing a project.  Most likely it was something smaller, something that typically goes unacknowledged, like a well run meeting, a productive one-on-one conversation, knocking out a lingering task, providing feedback to a team member, eating lunch with a peer, learning from an outcome that did not go as planned, attending your son/daughters event, complimenting your spouse, or making time for yourself.  It is these well done smaller experiences that add up to greater success.

Sure, it is common to get bogged down with the weight of stress, dutiful action, negative thoughts and striving for the next milestone.  So much so that we forget to recognize how far we have come.  Over the course of initiatives that have multiple stages and long durations, it can be difficult to remember to acknowledge accomplishments along the way…because there is always more to do.  Yet, taking a minute or two, every so often, to establish what has/is going well can help re-energize departments, teams, and ourselves.

Showing genuine appreciation for your team helps to keep them motivated. 

  • “I wanted to take the time to thank you all for your efforts thus far.  Each of you has and will continue to play an important role in this project.”
  • “We did it!  We passed the testing phase.  Even though Jim managed the testing portion, he could not have been successful without the input and support from the entire team.”
  • “We have more to go, yet look how far we have come.  I, for one, am very pleased with the way we are functioning as a team.  If we keep the dialogue open and continue to reach out for support as we have been, we will exceed our goals.”

Focusing on what someone is doing well, even if it seems minuscule, instead of criticizing them is an effective way to adjust the behavior of a team member that is not meeting expectations.   

  • “Your comfort presenting to management is impressive.  How can we utilize your talents to develop the team?”
  • “The comment you made during the meeting really helped us come up with the best way forward.  Clearly, you were considering what others said before drawing your conclusion.  Everyone seemed more receptive because of the way you carried yourself today.  Nice job!”
  • “Thanks for helping to bring in extra chairs for the meeting today!”

Acknowledging the favorable impact your friends and family have on your life can reinforce desired behavior. 

  • “I really appreciate when you  help me clean up the kitchen.  It gives us more time to spend as a family.”
  • “Thanks for listening to me.  You really helped me sort through my options.”
  • “I can always count on you to make me laugh.  I cherish that quality.”

Of course, you will have to provide corrective feedback at times, yet seeing the good in someone tends to make them much more receptive to  what you have to say.

Forward Moving Tips:
1.  Start with yourself.  Write down two or three items that have gone well.  Focus on these at the end of the day in order to help you detach from work more easily and generate productive energy for tomorrow.

2.  Recognize a situation that a team member handled well to increase effectiveness and engagement.

3.  Reinforce team motivation by acknowledging incremental successes during long duration projects.

4.  Validate those closest to you to increase personal fulfillment.

What has gone well today?

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