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Threat Reduction

November 10, 2016

by Jeanine Izzo


Times are changing.  Too fast for some, too slow for others.

If you find it to be too fast…

You are not alone.  There are many people struggling with the pull between the future and the past.

One of the reasons this group of people are slower to move is that too few are valuing and validating their past contributions and knowledge.  Previously, their behaviors, which now seem outdated, created results and led to their, and their company’s, enhanced success.  As a result, they are holding onto it tighter and tighter subconsciously thinking (hoping) that the pendulum is going to swing back ‘their’ way where they feel secure.  Even though the definition of secure is changing, in order for them to be even a little more secure than they feel right now, in order for change just for change sake’s to reduce, in order for the pace to become (potentially) more reasonable, you/they have to be part of the process.  You/they have to stretch your/their thinking.  You/they have to see the value in where the future is leading us (as difficult as that may be) in order for their knowledge and experience to be applied to the current of evolution.

If this is you…the future is not leaving you behind, you are leaving you behind.  As a whole, we can’t afford for that to happen.  You bring valuable knowledge and skills to the mix.  Get the support you need to move yourself forward into our already changed atmosphere.

If you find the pace of change in your environment to be too slow…

We really need your ability to bring us forward…it’s essential.  Rest assured, your numbers are growing.

This group entails people from every generation.  They have and will continue to help us get on the appropriate mode of transportation for today and beyond (bus, high-speed train, autonomous vehicle, etc.).  A few doses of patience and listening will get you/them further than continuously prodding, forcing and talking.  Yes, it may sound counter-productive, yet if what you’re doing now has you frustrated from fighting against the grain, why not give it a go?    Your ideas and vision for the future will be easier to accomplish when you help knowledgeable others not only get on board, but contribute.  Even if your senior leaders are telling you to keep pushing, learning how to meet their end goal with finesse, rather than force, through valuing those that have come before you…and with you…and after you…is a skill we need to help us through this transition to a quicker pace of evolution and new ways of working and succeeding.

Each of these groups has an important role.  One to help us stay grounded and thoughtful about our forward movement and one to stretch us beyond the memories of past wins to new ideas and energy toward vibrant and innovative rewards.

Forward Moving Tips:

  1. Inventory your strengths as they are relevant today.  This means, bring your past skills and experience into today’s environment. i.e. If your communication skills (or attention to detail, ability to connect with people, strategic mindset) helped you excel in the past, chances are, they can help you now.
  2. Where your old strengths have been diminished, or even obsoleted, come up with a plan to replace them with the modern day equivalent…or enhance/generate another area.
  3. Take responsibility when your enthusiasm and forward looking pace (or your negativity and resistance) is overwhelming others and getting in the way of progress.
  4. Stop blaming others for going too fast/slow.  Instead, work to understand differing experiences/perspectives and take actions that help each other.  Collaborative (team) success, whether you agree or not, is the trend.  Remember, that within this…each person is still an individual with a unique combination of skill sets to be utilized.

This is a time for conscious thought, followed by conscious action to lead the way.  It requires all of us to take steps toward each other so that ultimately we can move forward, with more impact, together.

For assistance with moving forward with more focus, confidence and success along your journey,  Contact Viage Partners today.

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